How To Remove Moss From Brick Patio 

A patio is susceptible to many things because of exposure to outside elements, and managing every issue is not always feasible. So, for example, have you wondered how to remove the moss from your brick patio?

To remove moss from brick patios, you can spray vinegar on moss, use bleach to treat the covered areas, pour boiling water on top of it, cover moss with baking soda, or use a commercial moss killer. 

This article will detail the five ways to remove moss from brick patios and how to prevent the issue in the future. Keep reading to learn more about how to tackle this common issue. 

5 Ways To Remove Moss From Brick Patio 

There are several ways to remove moss from brick patios that can help clear issues within a few days. Sometimes one method may not work, but the following will. In addition, if you have recurring problems with moss, you may want to contact a professional for their expert advice. 

Here are five ways to remove moss from brick patios:

Spray Vinegar On Moss 

Vinegar is a natural remedy and is highly effective at killing moss and can use either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. 

Here are the steps for using vinegar to remove moss from brick patios. 

  1. Mix one part vinegar and two parts water in a spray bottle
  2. Thoroughly spray the moss with the vinegar solution
  3. Ensure you wait at least 24 hours for the vinegar to kill the moss effectively
  4. Use a hose, scrub brush, or pressure cleaner to remove the dead moss

You want to ensure you don’t add too much vinegar, which could damage your bricks. 

Use Bleach To Remove Moss 

While bleach isn’t as eco-friendly as vinegar, you can use it to remove moss. The following steps can help you effectively use bleach on moss. 

  1. Add one tablespoon of bleach and one-gallon warm water to a bucket.
  2. Wearing gloves, use a sponge to scrub the bricks with the solution
  3. Hose down the area to ensure you wash the bleach away 

Since bleach is a harsh chemical, you don’t want to use it while pets or children are around. In addition, you should not pour bleach directly on your patio; you should always mix it with water

Pour Boiling Water On Moss

Boiling water is another natural remedy to remove moss from brick patios. First, pour the hot water on the growing moss and then scrub the area to help remove the growth. 

In addition, you can use boiling water to eliminate any weeds on your patio. You also want to pour the water on areas where you believe seeds are beginning to grow. 

Remove Moss With Baking Soda 

To use baking soda to remove moss, cover the growth areas entirely and let it sit overnight. You should scrub the treated areas the following day and rinse off your patio to remove excess baking soda and moss. 

Baking soda is an excellent household item that won’t harm your patio or pose a threat to pets or children. However, since baking soda can clump when it’s wet, you may need to do extra scrubbing to remove any leftovers. 

Use Commercial Moss Killer 

One of the most straightforward solutions to removing moss from brick patios is to use a commercial moss killer. You can find commercial products at most hardware stores and can be effective at removing moss. 

However, you always want to read the instructions and ensure the product is safe on brick. Unfortunately, you can’t use certain products on all surfaces, so it’s vital to read the back of the bottle thoroughly. 

Best Ways To Prevent Moss On Brick Patio 

Even if you’ve removed the moss on your patio, you want to work on preventing it from coming back. Moss thrives in dark, moist places, so you must avoid giving it a thriving environment. 

Here are the best ways to prevent moss on brick patios:

Clean Bricks With Vinegar Yearly

To prevent moss from growing on your brick patio, clean the area with a vinegar mixture at least twice a year. Vinegar will kill any growing seeds and help your bricks look clean. 

In addition, you want to regularly clean your patio to ensure it is not a habitable place for moss to grow. 

Keep Debris Off Patio 

You want to ensure you don’t leave an excessive amount of debris or leaves on your patio. To help prevent a pileup, you should sweep or use a leaf blower on your brick patio to keep it clean

Remove Moss Immediately 

You must remove moss once you see it begin growing. The more you let it grow, the harder it will be to remove the moss and prevent future incidents of growth. In addition, when moss has time to grow, its roots will grow between the grout lines, making it tougher to remove. 

Allow Sunlight On Your Patio 

While you likely always welcome a shady patio, moss doesn’t grow in areas with a lot of sunlight, so if there is a specific area where moss seems to grow, ensure you allow some natural light. 

Keep Your Patio Dry 

While it’s unrealistic to dry your patio after every rainstorm, it’s crucial to keep your patio dry to prevent moss from growing.  

You want to ensure you have proper drainage so water doesn’t have an opportunity to pool. In addition, if your sprinklers aren’t working correctly, they can flood your patio, causing extra moisture, which promotes moss growth. Also, a leaky hose can cause the same issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes moss to grow on brick?

Moss thrives in dark, moist places, making bricks a perfect place to grow. Bricks are porous and easily hold moisture. In addition, if there is not much sunlight, moss can quickly develop on bricks. 

Does sealing prevent moss growth?

While sealing your patio can help prevent moisture from accumulating, however; it doesn’t completely protect against moss. Instead, moss starts to grow on grout lines before spreading to pavers. If you decide to seal your patio, ensure you thoroughly clean the surface before applying the sealant. 

How To Remove Moss From Brick Patio 
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