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We understand that maintaining and improving a home can be overwhelming, especially for those who are new to homeownership or have limited experience with DIY projects. That's why we strive to provide clear, concise, and easy-to-follow tips and guides that can help anyone tackle their home-related challenges with confidence.

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Terry has built 5 homes. When it comes to the questions most home owners have, Terry has the answers!

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Candace Osmond is an Award Winning Interior Designer and USA TODAY Bestselling Author

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Indoor Posts

  • How Far Can You Run Bathroom Exhaust Pipes?
    As far as necessary to remove moist air and odors from the house. The International Residential Code (IRC) requires all bathrooms to have a ventilation system. Warm moist bathroom air must be ventilated to the exterior of the building. The proper combination of pipe length, … Read more
  • Best Type of Plants to Spruce Up Your Bathroom 
     Plants are not only a beautiful addition to any space, but they also have numerous benefits for the home. One often overlooked place to add plants is the bathroom. As a Designer, I always recommend my clients add some greenery to their bathrooms for a … Read more
  • Where Does Vent Air Go In an Apartment?
    Most people flick on the bath fan without giving air movement a second thought–unless the fan does not work. But you should; because it can affect people’s health. The IRC (International Residential Code) states that extraction fans must vent outside the building. They can be … Read more
  • Why Does Bathroom Sink Water Taste Different?
    If you’ve ever drank water from the tap in your bathroom sink, you may have noticed that it tastes slightly different than the tap water from your kitchen sink. But why exactly do these two options taste different, and is it safer to drink one … Read more
  • Do You Need an Isolator Switch for Bathroom Fan?
    Homeowners today are putting a lot of thought into their bathrooms. Rightfully, they should as bathroom remodels can recoup 64 percent of the cost. One of the small details of a bathroom is the fan and part of that is the isolator switch. Do you … Read more
  • Can You Use No More Nails On Bathroom Tiles?
    If you are redoing parts of your bathroom, you might be wondering, can you use No More Nails on bathroom tiles? If so, you are far from alone, because a lot of people consider this option! You can use No More Nails if you are … Read more
  • Can You Use 18 Gauge Staples for Carpet?
    Many people want to be weekend warriors and finish some home repairs themselves. Something like laying carpet isn’t too hard so some may take it on as a DIY project. You have the carpet, the ad, a staple gun, and some staples. Wait, they are … Read more
  • Which Capacitor Is Best For a Ceiling Fan?
    It is essential for homeowners that they use their appliances in a way that increases their longevity. Similarly using the right capacitor for your ceiling fan can save you the hassle of dealing with faulty or subpar fans in the future. The kind of capacitor … Read more
  • Can You Use 2×4 For Ceiling Joists?
    If you’ve embarked upon a construction project that involved roof support, then you may have dabbled in making or installing ceiling joists. But can you use 2x4s for ceiling joists, and if so, which conditions allow it? You can use 2×4 for ceiling joists as … Read more

Outdoor Posts

  • Should You Feel Carpet Grippers Through The Carpet? (Explained)
    Carpet grippers are essential to keeping your carpet in place and ensuring that it doesn’t bunch up or slide around. If you just got a new carpet and can feel the grippers, you may be wondering if that should be the case! In this blog … Read more
  • How to Secure Patio Furniture to Concrete
    There is nothing better than enjoying a nice summer evening on the patio with your friends and family. Unfortunately, this fun can be spoiled if you do not secure the furniture to the patio. These are the most effective ways to secure your patio furniture … Read more
  • How To Remove Moss From Brick Patio 
    A patio is susceptible to many things because of exposure to outside elements, and managing every issue is not always feasible. So, for example, have you wondered how to remove the moss from your brick patio? To remove moss from brick patios, you can spray … Read more
  • How to Clean Glass Patio Doors?
    Cleaning on the patio is an important part of keeping it looking clean and inviting, but what’s the best method? How do you clean glass patio doors? To clean glass patio doors, use a microfiber cloth and rub glass cleaner on the surface. Dry the … Read more
  • How to Block Wind on Patio (10 Ways)
    Patios are wonderful spaces to spend some down time, but wind can make the experience pretty frustrating—moving furniture, knocked-over plant pots, flipped umbrellas. Here’s 10 great ideas to block the wind on a patio. Install a wind screen Add a hedge wall Plant trees and … Read more
  • How to Clean Pollen Off Patio Furniture
    When spring rolls around, everyone knows that the pollen isn’t far behind. Not only does pollen season trigger peoples’ allergies, but it also can seriously stain patio furniture. Here’s how to clean pollen off patio furniture. Take your affected furniture to a clean spot in … Read more
  • How To Stop Water Pooling On Patio 
    Your backyard patio should be a place to relax and hang out, but what happens when a problem arises, like excessive water. Do you know how to stop water pooling on the patio? To stop water pooling on the patio, you can install a pop-up … Read more
  • How To Fill in Gaps in a Flagstone Patio (Multiple Ways)
    A beautiful and safe flagstone patio is a great area for casual hangouts outside of your home. However, sometimes gaps can appear between the stones themselves: leaving you wondering how to fill in the gaps in a flagstone patio. Gaps in a flagstone patio can … Read more
  • How to Clean Mesh Patio Chairs
    Mesh patio chairs might seem hard to clean at first. But the truth is, you do not need to stress out if you accidentally stain your chairs at your next barbecue. To clean your patio chairs, you just need to select a safe cleaning chemical … Read more
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