Are Black Garage Doors a Bad Idea? (What We Advise You To Do)

Changing the color of your garage door is a good way to switch up the look of your home. Painting it black may give your house a certain look you may like especially if your house is white or a light grey.

One question that comes to mind is are black garage doors a bad idea? In this blog post we will go over the answer to this question along with some tips on how to take care of a black garage door.

Answer To The Question Are Black Garage Doors a Bad Idea:

The answer to this question depends on the location of your home more than anything. If you live in a climate that’s very hot all the time and gets a lot of direct sunlight, then painting your garage door black may not be the best idea.

What Frequent Sunlight Can Do To Your Black Garage Door:

Make It Extremely Hot

As we all know, black attracts heat. So if your garage door is constantly being hit by direct sunlight, it’s going to make the temperature inside your garage extremely hot.

So if you live in a sunny climate for most of the year, you may want to rethink it. One factor though is how often the sun is hitting your garage. If your home is shaded most of the day and only gets direct sunlight for a couple hours, then it may not make that big of a difference.

There is newer paint which isn’t as absorbent to sunlight as old paint would be. So this is also an option to try.

Make It Fade Quicker

Not only will the sun make your black garage door extremely hot, but it will also make it fade quicker. So if you live in an area where the sun is always out and the temperature is warm, your black garage door may start to fade in as little as a year.

This is why it’s important to take care of your garage door and repaint it every few years if you live in a sunny climate.

Steel Could Separate Within The Garage Door

If your garage door is made of steel, the sun could cause it to separate within the door. This is because steel expands when it gets hot. So if your garage door is constantly being hit by direct sunlight, the steel could start to separate and cause your garage door to fall apart.

Tips On How To Take Care of A Black Garage Door:

1. Keep It Clean

The first thing you want to do is keep your black garage door clean. If there’s any dirt, dust, or grime build-up, it’s going to show up more on a dark colored door. So make sure you’re regularly cleaning your door with soap and water.

2. Inspect It Regularly

Another important thing to do is inspect your black garage door regularly. You want to look for any cracks, chips, or peeling paint. If you catch these things early, you can fix them before they become a bigger problem.

3. Apply A Top Coat

If you want your black garage door to last longer, you can apply a top coat of paint. This will help protect it from the sun and other elements.

4. Use A High Quality Paint

When you’re repainting your black garage door, make sure you’re using a high quality paint. This will ensure that it lasts longer and doesn’t fade as quickly.

5. Hire A Professional

If you’re not comfortable painting your garage door yourself, you can always hire a professional. They will have the right equipment and knowledge to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

What Are Some Other Ways To Add Character To Your Garage Door?

Painting a garage door black is definitely a statement and may make your house look awesome. But if you’re not into painting your door, there are other ways to add character.

Here are a few other ideas:

1. Add Hardware

You can add some hardware to your garage door to make it look more interesting. This could include handles, hinges, or even just decorative hardware.

2. Change The Windows

If your garage door has windows, you could change them out for something more interesting. You could get stained glass windows or even just different shaped windows.

3. Change The Lights

Another way to add character to your garage door is by changing the lights. You could add some floodlights or even just change out the light bulbs for something more unique.

4. Add A Decal

If you want to add something personal to your garage door, you could add a decal. This could be anything from your favorite sports team to a family crest.

Do Black Garage Doors Show Dirt?

Black garage doors definitely show dirt more than lighter colored doors. So if you’re someone who likes to keep a clean garage, you may want to consider a different color.

If you don’t mind a little dirt, then a black door can definitely be a good choice. Just make sure you’re regularly cleaning it to avoid any build-up.

What Is The Most Popular Color For a Garage Door?

white is obviously the most famous color to paint your garage door because it goes with any color house. Black over the years however, has been gaining a lot of popularity, because it makes a statement and looks great with any color trim.


Are black garage doors a bad idea? It really depends on the location of your home. If you live in a sunny climate, it’s important to take care of your door and repaint it every few years. But if you live in a more temperate climate, then a black garage door can be a great way to change up the look of your home.

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Are Black Garage Doors a Bad Idea? (What We Advise You To Do)
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